Kalimpong Hotels Abira

Kalimpong Hotels

The best budget hotels in Kalimpong

Kalimpong Hotels Abira is one of the best hotel in Kalimpong. Firstly, and most importantly, the hotel is located near the market and taxi stand. Above all, the hotel spread across a large area. Moreover, all the ten rooms have balconies. Secondly, Kalimpong Hotel Abira provides free parking in front of the Hotel. Above all, we also provide free rooms for drivers. Thirdly, and most importantly, If you are searching for Cheap hotels in Kalimpong with a price range of Rs 900/- to Rs – 1100/-  Abira is best. All the rooms have a mountain view and the view from the balcony is excellent. Above all, Our guests always say that this is the best  Kalimpong hotel with Kanchenjunga view. In Kalimpong, we have another hotel ” HOTEL AASHIYANA” which is one of the popular hotel in Kalimpong near Kalimpong Police station.   

In addition,  We conduct all types of group bookings from this Cheap hotels in Kalimpong. We conduct all types of tour packages from Kalimpong to.  Lava, Rishop, Sillery gaon, Icche Gaon. Our packages are pocket-friendly and specially designed for customers of our hotel in Kalimpong near the market. We also provide a kitchen for the tour operators at an affordable cost. Our other hotel are Gangtok Hotel Magnolia at MG MARG and Pelling Hotel Dikiling Balurghat Hotel KOKORO. Our customers can book these hotel directly over the phone. 

How To Reach Kalimpong

Kalimpong is just 66 kilomiters from siliguri bus terminal. Tourists can reach Kalimpong hotels Abira by bus or taxi. One can reach Kalimpong by share taxi from Panitanki More Siliguri at the cost of Rs 250/- per head. Tourists can also reach Kalimpong from Darjeeling and the distance is around 50 kilometers by bus or Taxi. Kalimpong is well connected with Gangtok and Pelling. The distance from Gangtok is 75 kilometers.