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Best budget hotels in Kalimpong

Best budget hotels in Kalimpong

If you are searching for the best budget hotels in Kalimpong you must choose Hotel Abira. Above all, Hotel Abira is located near the market and Kalimpong bus stand. Firstly, the ambiance of Abira is quiet, and the area of the hotel is big. Secondly, as a budget hotel, we provide free parking in the hotel area. Thirdly, and most importantly, bikers always like hotels with free parking. Moreover, Mangal Dham one of the top tourist spots is just opposite the hotel. In other words, Kalimpong is an offbeat destination and tourist wants to enjoy the natural beauty. Therefore, Hotel Abira provides you best mountain view from the balcony and rooms.

Hotel Abira Best budget hotels in Kalimpong

Above all, at Kalimpong, you will find many hotels but they are expensive but Abira is the best budget hotels in Kalimpong. In addition, Dello the main attraction of Kalimpong is just 3 kilometers. In other words, Hotel Abira is also known as Delo Kalimpong hotels. Therefore, tourists can see paragliding from hotel rooms and balconies.

Above all, we have hotel cars for pick up and drop from NJP and Bagdogra airport. Similarly, we also provide sightseeing cars from hotels at a reasonable cost. In addition, if you are finding a hotel near the police station.  Fourthly, and most importantly, we have a hotel named Aashiyana which is our premium hotel in Kalimpong. In conclusion, tourists can send us inquiries for both hotels. Moreover, as the best budget hotels in Kalimpong. After that, We have a good restaurant and our food quality is an excellent and reasonable price. Similarly, Our cook provides the best quality Bengali food. In conclusion, hotel Abira is the best budget hotel in Kalimpong.

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Best budget hotels in Kalimpong